Promark Electronics Announces Creation of Parent Company - Nexergy

February 29, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Promark Electronics (Columbus, OH) recently announced that it has created Nexergy Inc. The new company will build a national network of OEM custom battery pack design and assembly centers. According to Promark, Nexergy will become the parent company for Promark Electronics.

"Now, with our expanded geographical reach, we will enhance our ability to serve our customers more effectively with large inventory, greater influence in the supply channel and a large investment in technical resources," said Phil Glandon, president of Nexergy. "That can only bring greater value to our customers as we continue to grow under the Nexergy banner."

In addition, Nexergy announced that it has completed the purchase of Tauber Electronics Inc. (Escondido, CA) from Batteries Batteries Inc. (North Branch, NJ). Tauber Electronics is a custom battery pack assembler and battery distributor.