Program Announced for Green Building Power Forum

December 22, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Emerge Alliance, Armstrong World Industries, Nextek Power Systems and Power Standards Lab will be represented by speakers during the Plenary Session at the Second Annual Green Building Power Forum (GBPF ’10) to be held January 25-27 at the Doubletree Hotel, Santa Ana/Orange County Airport, California.

GBPF ’10 will open with Paul Savage, CEO of Nextek Power Systems discussing "Abandoning the Smart Grid for the Power Equation." Next, "Specifications for 400V DC Power Supplies and Facility Equipment" will be presented by Dennis Symanski, Sr. Program Manager with EPRI. Brian Paterson, Chairman of the EMerge Alliance and General Manager of Armstrong World Industries will provide delegates with, "DC Microgrids in Action: A Report from the Field." The first session will close with a discussion of "Measuring DC Power – Let’s Get Serious about Accuracy," by Alex McEachern, President of Power Standards Lab.

Topics during other sessions will include "EMerge Alliance Activities," "400Vdc Power Systems," "Micro Grids and Alternative Energy," "Low-Energy Buildings," "Optimizing Power Architectures," and "Maximizing Efficiency." In addition, GBPF ’10 will feature a panel discussion of, "What is needed to accelerate the adoption of dc power distribution?"

GBPF ’10 will encompass high-voltage and low-voltage dc power distribution as well as hybrid ac and dc distribution architectures and dc microgrids. It will be tightly focused on "Identifying Challenges, Progress and Opportunities for the use of DC Power Distribution in Facilities and the Creation of a Flexible and Dynamic Power Infrastructure." An open meeting of the EPRI/LBNL DC Power Partners group will follow directly after the close of the event on Wednesday afternoon.

"Building on the success of our recent DC Building Power Japan conference hosted December 7-8 in Tokyo, we will again have an international group of speakers. As occurred as part of the first Green Building Power Forum, the EPRI/LBNL DC Power Partners will again host a post-conference workshop at GBPF ’10," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group.

A convergence of technologies is occurring that will change how buildings are powered. These technologies include the continued rapid growth of distributed generation resources (photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, fuel cells, micro turbines, etc.), the emergence of high-efficiency lighting technologies (especially solid-state LED lighting), wireless building automation systems, demand-side management of building energy use by electric utilities, and so on.

Examples of the topics to be addressed at GBPF ’10 include: Selection of the optimal dc distribution voltage; Integration of distributed generation resources; DC lighting systems; DC HVAC and other building systems; DC appliances; Building automation and controls; DC microgrids; Combined heat and power; Advanced components and hardware; Safety considerations; Standardization issues; Hybrid ac and dc power distribution architectures; Implementation of demand-side management; Implications for power quality; and more.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Intel are Platinum Sponsors and the EMerge Alliance is a Supporting Sponsor of GBPF ’10. This focused three-day international conference will serve an audience of decision-makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements related to the use of dc power distribution in commercial, industrial, government and residential buildings; critical facilities such as data centers; and the creation of a dynamic power infrastructure.

The GBPF ’10 web site is here .