President Of Darnell Group To Speak At EDN Japan Power Management Seminar

March 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

EDN Japan announced that it will be holding its Fourth Annual Power Management Seminar to introduce the latest technological developments concerning the evolution of switch mode power and power supplies. Jeff Shepard, President of the Darnell Group, will be among the industry speakers at the seminar, to be hosted at the Tokyo Conference Center.

Shepard will speak on "Digital Power Converter Controller IC Product Development and Pricing Trends." He will present a detailed and quantitative analysis of market development trends for digital power ICs. The discussion will review the current status of digital power ICs in terms of product life cycle analysis. The talk will also identify when digital power ICs are expected to transition from the Introduction phase into the Growth phase of their product life cycle and include an accompanying analysis of the status of digital power in terms of a technology life cycle.

Shepard will project the potential profitability of digital power ICs in the next several years. Finally, he will pin point an anticipated non-linear "discontinuity" in the pricing curve for digital power ICs, at which time price declines will significantly decelerate.

The three previous Power Management Seminars focused primarily on analog technologies. The continuous developments in the areas of controller ICs, Power MOSFETs, and even other elements such as coils or capacitors, have been achieved by refining the analog technology to reduce power loss, noise, size, and costs.

According to the seminar organizers, in the world of power supply systems, new developments in the field of analog technologies are being formed in which the underlying concept is the integration with "digital technologies". The realization of the "digital power supply" has added values in the conventional power supply system, which in turn has supported achieving higher performance Controller ICs, and new power supply system developments with advanced management/control. As a result, this year’s Power Management Seminar will include discussions of both digital and analog power techniques.

The fourth EDN power management seminar will broadly focus on the recent development and status of these "state-of-the-art power supply technologies" in light of the recent integrations of the analog and digital approaches.