PowerPulse Readership Soars to 30,000 Daily and 3,000,000 Monthly

October 09, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell’s has achieved a major milestone in circulation growth, reaching 30,000 subscribers to the daily email news update, PowerPulseDaily, and over 3,000,000 monthly page views on the web site. Now, more than ever, PowerPulse.Net is “The World‘s Most-Read Power Electronics Publication.” Updated daily, it is the most-timely, most-comprehensive and most-read power electronics publication anywhere. Like its daily e-mail counterpart, PowerPulseDaily, PowerPulse.Net provides a breadth of coverage for the Power Electronics, Energy Storage, Packaging and Cooling Industry unavailable from any other source. You can become a subscriber to PowerPulseDaily here.

“In addition to having the largest power electronics readership in the world, PowerPulse is also the fastest-growing publication,” noted Traci Shepard, Vice President and Associate Publisher. “Our circulation has grown by over 30% this year. And we have been able to maintain geographic balance with over 60% of our readers and page views being generated outside of North America,” she concluded.

PowerPulse reaches the readers who matter. In a recent survey, 73% indicated that they “Manage or Influence” purchases of power management and power conversion products and 76% indicated that they had taken action after seeing an ad on PowerPulse and “visited an advertiser web site.” When asked about their “primary job function,” 67% of PowerPulse readers responded that they are involved in some phase of engineering activities, 22% are in various executive management positions, and 11% cited “other involvement” with power electronics. As is evident from the site’s over 3,000,000 monthly page views, PowerPulse readers are dedicated. Not only does PowerPulseDaily have over 30,000 requested daily email subscriptions, almost 20% of PowerPulse readers visit the web site on a daily basis and an astounding 70% visit weekly or more often.

“In publishing in general, ‘Content is King.’ On the Internet, ‘News Content is King,’ and PowerPulse.Net delivers far more news coverage than any other source,” stated Jeff Shepard, President and Managing Editor. “Our comprehensive global coverage of highly-relevant and leading-edge product, technology and industry news is what enables PowerPulse to consistently deliver over three-million monthly page views,” he observed.

Darnell Group is the leading source for worldwide strategic information covering the full spectrum of power electronics, energy storage and generation. The company specializes in the economic/business analysis of emerging power markets and technologies. Darnell publishes two daily industry news services, and and organizes international conferences on various topics related to power electronics and the smart grid.