Plug Power Announces GenSys5C Feature Addition

October 24, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Plug Power Inc. (Latham, NY) announced that it has added standby capability to its GenSys™5C, the company's 5kW combined heat and power fuel cell system. The standby feature allows the fuel cell to provide power to critical loads upon grid interruption. The GenSys™5C operates in parallel with the electric grid, providing base load power during a grid outage by transferring to standby mode to provide uninterrupted power to critical loads.

"Our current customers requested the standby feature in order to fulfill a need to carry critical loads when the grid is non-operational," said Plug Power Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Sperry. "We are pleased to be able to add this feature to our product and offer our customers additional security in the operation of their individual power needs."