Dev Platform Enables Fast Custom Circuit Design and Programming

April 19, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Dialog Semiconductor has launched GreenPAK™ that it says is a cost-effective non-volatile memory (NVM) programmable device that enables the integration of numerous system functions. GreenPAK also minimizes component count, board space, and power consumption.

Along with GreenPAK the company also introduced GreenPAK Designer Software and GreenPAK Development Kit, that the company says enable the creation and programming of a custom circuit in minutes.

The GreenPAK Designer Software offers schematic capture-like design and routing, features an entire component library showing available resources for each device, provides easy component configuration, and provides example projects and support documentation.

GreenPAK Designer Software screen capture

GreenPAK can offer functional replacement of popular mixed-signal standard products, often in combination. The device provides reliable hardware safety and reset functions for software coded devices, including SoCs and microcontrollers. Adding different features to enhance designs quickly and cost-effectively, and overcoming last-minute design challenges/issues are other potential uses for GreenPAK.

Dialog points out several benefits compared to discrete design. These benefits include a smaller PCB footprint with plastic packages as small as 1.0mm x 1.2 mm. fewer components/lower cost designs are possible. The company says that a typical GreenPAK implementation removes from ten to thirty components per instance.

With fewer PCB interconnects the device increases reliability.

The company claims that the GreenPak Software and the GreenPAK development kit, enable the development and programming of devices in just minutes at a desk.

Other benefits of GreenPAK, according to the company include the ability to quickly respond to changing design requirements and increase productivity at the design and prototype verification stages.

The device can allow the removal of discrete resistors in voltage dividers, pull ups, pull downs, and other components and replacing with low-power, integrated parts.

A sleep function can further reduce power consumption.

Using GreenPAK makes reverse engineering considerably more difficult by disabling the read-back of NVM configuration, obscuring design details. Notably, every GreenPAK IC is tested, while a discrete circuit is not tested before the final board level test.

Steps in Using GreenPAK

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GreenPAK comes in several variations to fit your development and design needs including Dual Supply GreenPAK, GreenPAK with Power Switches, GreenPak with Asynchronous State Machine (ASM), and GreenPak with Low Dropout Regulators.

The choice of the GreenPAK part depends on how many I/Os are required, functional blocks (ACMP, ADC, DCMP/PWM), accuracy and the price.

Dialog Offers GreenPAK Production Programming

Dialog supports production programming of GreenPAK devices in quantities down to the order minimum quantity, which is 3K pieces (equal to the quantity on one reel).

Quick Design Assistance

If Dialog assists with doing the design for your GreenPAK, the company says it is usually quick, taking as little as 24 hours, to as long as 2 weeks.