PDT Intros WebSIM and eSIM Web Power Supply Design

March 15, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Power Design Tools Inc. (PDT, Los Altos, CA) introduced WebSIM and eSIM, two new products intended to bring interactive power supply design simulation to the Web. Both Web-based solutions are driven by SIMPLIS, a family of switchmode power supply simulation tools. According to PDT, National Semiconductor has been beta-testing WebSIM since January 1999 through its corporate Web site. Artesyn Technologies is also beta-testing the service and is the first company to use eSIM. The company is previewing WebSIM as a demo in its booth at the Applied Power Electronics Conference this week in Dallas.WebSIM allows users to perform complex analog circuit simulations over the World Wide Web using an ordinary Web browser. IC vendors and merchant power supply manufacturers can leverage their Web sites to aid design engineers in selecting products, and to provide technical data along with real-time product behavior modeling over the Web. IC vendors and merchant manufacturers purchase WebSIM from PDT and the simulation engine links to the vendor's corporate Web site. Users can modify and simulate circuits using their Web browser, interactively changing component values to vary test conditions. eSIM performs automated product testing using a Web browser and the user interface of a corporate intranet. The product uses test suites that can be easily configured and accessed over a company's intranet. It's simulation engine, PDT's SIMPLIS, and interface code all run on the corporate intranet Web server, enabling an enterprise-wide availability of information.WebSIM is sold as service, with pricing based on the number of circuits supported and the amount of simulation activity per month. Typical single-circuit pricing is $5,000 for installation and set up, plus a monthly fee of $5,000 for up to 2,500 simulation. The eSIM purchase price starts at $50,000 and includes server and browser software.