Panasonic to Start Accepting Orders for Energy Creation-storage Linked System for Home

February 23, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Panasonic Corp. announced that it will start taking orders for its "Energy Creation-storage Linked System for Home" from March 21 in Japan. The system integrates Panasonic’s solar cells and lithium-ion storage battery unit using its newly-developed Power Station to enable effective use of electricity in normal circumstances as well as during power outages.

The March 11 earthquake last year raised public awareness about energy in Japan. For instance, people are more interested in the use of storage batteries for backup in case of blackout, and ways to conserve energy to reduce dependence on grid power supplies and generate sufficient energy for household use by solar or other means.

A storage battery alone cannot be recharged once the stored energy is used up during a power outage. A solar energy generation system alone may not be able to maintain stable power supply because they do not work at night and its power generating ability is affected by weather conditions even in the daytime. This Energy Creation-storage Linked System for Home consists of Panasonic’s newly developed Power Station which integrates the power conditioner functions of a solar cell and a storage battery.

This configuration enables to provide electricity generated from sunlight in the daytime and allows any surplus electricity to charge the battery repeatedly. The electricity stored in the storage battery helps stabilize power supply during the day and makes it available at night as well.

In addition, with this system, users can continue using their electric equipment without the need of re-plugging them into an electric outlet during blackouts. All they have to do is choose the equipment they need in case of a power failure – for example, lighting fixtures, fridges and communication devices – and pre-wire them.

Besides, in normal circumstances, the user can choose from different modes of operation best fitting their lifestyles – such as the mode contributing to reducing peak demand for the grid power supply by storing the energy from the grid power source in the nighttime and utilizing the electricity stored in the storage battery in the daytime, and the mode to optimize the use of clean energy by storing the surplus solar energy for the nighttime use.

Panasonic will further promote broader use of this system which realizes the use of renewable energy at home and the best energy mix as "new power distribution infrastructure in the new age of smart houses".

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