OnScreen Secures Initial High Volume Production Order For 400W WayCool™ Reference Design

November 04, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

OnScreen Technologies, Inc. announced that customer, OCZ Technology, has agreed to incorporate OnScreen’s 400W WayCool™ Reference Design, including its hybrid liquid + carbon block heat transfer agent, in their HydroJet CPU Cooler.

This commercial application of OnScreen’s WayCool open architecture in the CPU cooling market is said to represent an important milestone in positioning the company as a global leader in delivering openly licensable thermal management for advanced processors and systems. OCZ signed an initial purchase order for a production order of 5,000 OnScreen hybrid mesh carbon cooling solutions.

"We are committed to introducing cutting edge technologies that address current needs and anticipate next generation product demands," said Ryan Peterson, CEO of OCZ Technology. "The HydroJet with the revolutionary OnScreen cooling architecture including innovative carbon technology will bring to market a self contained liquid CPU cooler that will set the benchmark for others in the industry to follow."

According to the company, unlike traditional CPU cooling methods that rely on copper interface plates, OnScreen’s WayCool cooling solution employs carbon to rapidly transport heat away from the heat source. Using OnScreen’s technology, the HydroJet can off-load more than 400W of energy, dramatically outperforming other CPU coolers available in the market today. The WayCool carbon interface is said to deliver as much as four times greater heat transfer than conventional methods.

"HydroJet with OnScreen’s cooling technology will allow high-end computer users the ability to run CPUs and graphics chips at dramatically higher speeds," said William Clough, CEO of OnScreen Technologies. "Thanks to our WayCool architecture, microprocessor engineers can build faster and more powerful devices. The commercialization of our hybrid mesh + carbon block technology is an important milestone for our technology which significantly reduces microwarming."

The company claims that, in industry standard testing, OCZ’s HydroJet with WayCool’s carbon technology allowed a 400W chip to perform within operational norms for extended periods, while available cooling solutions saw the same type of chips overheat and shut down within seconds. WayCool technology features what is described as a unique approach that leverages its carbon block technology and its hybrid use of fluid to efficiently transport the heat away from the source.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.