New ZAP Battery Triples Charge of Electronic Cars

January 07, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

ZAP (Sebastopol, CA) announced plans to unveil a new technology that appears to triple the performance of battery-powered vehicles. ZAP also expects to unveil a new ZAP brand of electronic car that would utilize the new charge technology. ZAP claims the new technology could offer over three times the performance, meaning it could improve the range of ZAP's electronic cars from 60 miles with today's lead-acid batteries to more than 200 miles using the new technology.

ZAP CEO Steve Schneider commented, "I have personally experienced the performance of this new technology and look forward to sharing it with our customers. We expect third-party testing to confirm the energy capabilities shortly. But to help illustrate the performance, we believe this technology will enable you to drive your brand new ZAP car from San Francisco to Los Angeles with only a one-hour stop to recharge and have lunch."