Neah Power Signs an Agreement with Danfoss Group Global

June 18, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Neah Power Systems, Inc. reported that it has signed an agreement with Danfoss Group Global of Denmark regarding services to be provided by Danfoss within the field of fluid control and disposable fluid cartridge technology for portable fuel cells. As part of the agreement, Neah and Danfoss are collaborating on the use of technical concepts developed by Danfoss relating to the behavior of fluids at the microscale level used in Neah's silicon-based fuel cell technology.

Neah Power Systems is developing a unique patented porous silicon-based fuel cell that could eventually power consumer electronics. Using readily available methanol as fuel, the Neah Power fuel cell has the potential to power a variety of portable electronic devices with longer run time than current power solutions. With consumer electronics and military devices getting smaller and more powerful with each generation, Neah anticipates a strong demand for a fuel cell that can meet the ever increasing demands of portable electronics devices.

"As Neah Power plans for the commercialization of its silicon-based fuel cell, we have decided to leverage the world's best expertise. The announcement of this relationship with Danfoss demonstrates that we will seek expertise on the world stage to complement our expertise if it enables us to move more quickly to a product that meets demand and challenges facing the fuel cell industry today," said Dan Rosen, Chairman of the Board for Neah Power. "We respect the people, vision, and values of Danfoss as they match those of Neah Power and we look forward to a profitable collaboration."