Neah Power Receives US Patent for Fabricating Porous Silicon-Based Structures

April 26, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Neah Power Systems, Inc. announced that it was issued its eleventh patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,205,665), titled "Porous Silicon Undercut Etching Deterrent Masks and Related Methods." This patent is the eleventh addition to Neah Power’s expanding Intellectual Property related to porous silicon electrode architectures. The porous silicon electrode architecture is key to Neah Power’s technology for use in micro fuel cells. Neah Power contends that its technology could revolutionize micro fuel cell design, changing the way portable electronic devices are powered, including any application of this material in connection with attempts to make conventional batteries more efficient.

This most recently issued patent covers key improvements to the fabrication methods used for porous silicon production. Coverage is not restricted to fuel cell applications – the methods in the patent can be used in other applications of this unique material, such as in microfluidic systems for medical and other applications.

President and CEO of Neah Power, Paul Abramowitz, said, "This latest patent is an excellent complement to the prior patent we received and announced on April 10th.. Not only are we protecting the porous silicon structures themselves, but how we make them. These latest patents continue to broaden Neah Power’s Intellectual Property coverage established in the area of silicon-based electrodes for use in fuel cells, and further expands Neah Power’s IP for our core porous-silicon electrode architecture."

Neah Power now owns a total of eleven patents, with additional pending patent applications filed. Prototypes of the company’s patented porous silicon-based fuel are currently being developed, and if successful, have the potential to increase the operating time of portable electronic devices multiple times beyond that of conventional batteries.