Neah Power Annouces Transition To Larger Silicon Electrodes For Higher Volumetric Energy Density

March 10, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Neah Power Systems, Inc. announced that it has transitioned to the larger (43 x 43mm) electrodes , from its previously used 30 x 30mm electrodes. These larger electrodes will better utilize the 6" and 8" Silicon wafers used to produce the electrodes. These developments were funded in large part through Neah Power’s Department of Defense contract administered by the Office of Naval Research.

"In moving to a larger overall electrode structure, several advantages will be realized," said Dr. Art Homa, VP of Technology, and Chief Scientist. "First, the absolute amount of active area for power generation available is nominally 2.5X the previous electrode design, resulting in higher absolute power as well as significantly higher efficiency of area utilization. Second, the packaging infrastructure needed to support the fluidic requirements of the cell is significantly reduced on a total volume basis. Third, these increases in active area, in addition to other design elements relating to the new electrode size, are expected to result in a significantly higher overall amount of power on a volumetric basis, enabling industry-leading volumetric energy densities."

"This is an important step in our technical progress. The new 43mm electrode size development is exciting and further supports our continued efforts leveraging the benefits of our unique porous silicon architecture," said Dr. Chris D’Couto, President & CEO of Neah Power. "Our efforts to obtain greater power densities, reliability, scalability, and manufacturability are crucial to providing the most competitive power solution for the military and portable electronics market."