Navitas at APEC 2020: Here Come the GaN Chargers

February 28, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Navitas Semiconductor announced that the company will showcase over 50 GaNFast-enabled mobile charging products & platforms at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) March 15-19, 2020 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. Navitas GaN power ICs enable wall chargers for mobile devices to deliver up to 3x faster charging in half the size and weight compared to traditional slow, bulky silicon-based chargers.

“APEC attendees can witness first-hand the extraordinary impact that GaN ICs are having to create a new generation of mobile fast chargers” explained Stephen Oliver, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “With over 50 OEM products and reference platforms available, every OEM and ODM in the mobile charger industry can move quickly to participate in this creation of a new GaNFast charger product category.”

Recent GaN mobile chargers are featured on, the industry’s leading resource to discover GaN chargers and latest news media covering fast-charging USB-C, PD/PPS, VOOC, QC and other charging protocols. The latest releases include:

  • Baseus 65W 2C1A – the world’s smallest 65W 3-output charger
  • HyperJuice 100W– the world’s smallest 100W 4-output charger (2C+2A) and Mac9to5’s best-in-show at CES’20
  • AUKEY Omnia range – world’s smallest single & dual-output chargers from 61W to 100W with folding pins, winner of Tom’s Hardware and Android Police best-in-show at CES’20 in Las Vegas.
  • Xiaomi 65W GaNFast charger for the Mi 10, Mi 10 PRO. This is the world’s smallest fast charger and introduced by Xiaomi Group’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Jun LEI.

APEC visitors will learn about the latest Navitas GaNFast devices and reference designs that achieve unprecedented small size, light weight and high efficiency levels, with fast-charging speeds for end-products ranging from smartphones and laptops to on-board, fast-charging eMobility solutions.

Navitas will present real-life, mass-production examples of next-generation fast-charging solutions at the conference:

  • "High-Density 65W USB-PD GaN Chargers: Market Demand, Technical Solutions and Pricing", Stephen Oliver. On Wednesday 18th March 9.15am, Production Use Cases of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Session, IS08, R02-R03, #3540
  • "Navigating the Optimal USB-PD Fast-Charger Topology Maze from 27W to 100W+" Xiucheng Huang, Tom Ribarich, Stephen Oliver. On Thursday 19th March 9.15am, GaN Applications and Integration Session, IS19, R04-R05, #3159

Visitors to booth #1909 can be winners with the Company’s “GaNFast Give-Aways

  • “Are You GaNFast?”: Experience the fast-charging experience using your own mobile device & a chance to win a free GaNFast charger.
  • “Beat the GaNMan!”: Race against the mysterious GaNMan in our high-speed race simulator. If you are GaNFast, you can win a free GaNFast charger while the fastest lap of the show gets $1,000 cash.