Murata and Ericsson to Collaborate on Digital Power

July 07, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Murata Power Solutions and Ericsson Power Modules AB announced that they have entered into a technical collaboration agreement with the goal of accelerating the adoption of digital power products. Under the terms of this agreement each company will introduce a range of standardized digital power modules. This will result in the availability of multiple product sources to manufacturers that are considering migrating designs from analog to digitally monitored and controlled units.

“We believe this joint initiative will encourage manufacturers to speed up their adoption of digitally controlled power systems. Initially, the benefits of using digitally controlled power sources were considered not to be worth the extra price. However, customers now can see the advantages digital control and monitoring can bring to their end application, so we believe that by introducing a second-source route of Ericsson’s products we will speed the development of this market,” commented Tatsuo Bizen, CEO and President of Murata Power Solutions.

Murata Power Solutions joins CUI, Inc. in a cooperative digital power activity with Ericsson. This activity is starting to take on the form of an “alliance” similar in some ways with the POLA and DOSA alliances. It is expected to include a common PMBus interface and may extend to both isolated and non-isolated dc-dc converters. Additional companies may be expected to join this effort in the future.