Mouser Electronics to Distribute Excelsys Power Supplies

April 01, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announced an extended global distribution agreement with Advanced Energy to distribute Excelsys Technologies products. Through the agreement, Mouser is now stocking Excelsys low-voltage power supplies.

The Xsolo ultra-compact, single-output power supplies provide 500W in a convection-cooled chassis or up to 1008W in an enclosed, fan-cooled chassis. Offering an output current range of 10.5A to 42A and an input voltage range of 85- to 264-Vac at greater than 92 percent efficiency, the power supplies are ideal for industrial, communication, and test and measurement applications.

The UltiMod series devices are modular switch-mode power supplies that consist of ac input front ends (powerPacs) and single- and dual-output modules (powerMods). The powerPacs are available in two versions: the UX4, which delivers up to 600W and can be populated with up to four powerMods, and the UX6, which delivers up to 1200W and can be populated with up to six powerMods. Typical applications for the UltiMod series include medical equipment, industrial automation and machines, test and measurement, printing, telecommunications, audio, and broadcast equipment.

Mouser also now stocks the CoolX®600 and CoolX1800 modular power supplies. Offering best-in-class conversion and exceptional reliability, the convection-cooled CoolX600 series delivers 600W of output power at efficiencies up to 94 percent. The devices are designed to meet both medical and industrial global safety specifications at 5000 meters altitude, including in harsh, remote applications subject to input voltage line surge disturbances of up to 300Vac.

The CoolX1800 series is an intelligent modular power supply platform that delivers 1800W of output power via PMBus™ digital communications and control. The CoolX1800 offers system designers in the medical and industrial electronics industries increased efficiency and reliability, in addition to a comprehensive feature set and specifications.

XF series low-voltage power supplies provide up to 1000W in an extremely compact 268mm × 127mm × 1U design. The XF family features plug-and-play architecture for maximum flexibility, allowing custom-power-solution configuration in less than five minutes. Offering up to 12 isolated outputs, the XF platform can provide output voltages up to 348Vdc in harsh industrial, test and measurement, communications, fixed and mobile radar, and military electronics applications that require off-the-shelf solutions.