Mitsubishi Enters North American IC Market

February 28, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

The Electronic Device Group of Mitsubishi Electronics America (Sunnyvale, CA) announced its formal entr‚e into the North American linear IC market, targeting power control, battery and power management, and data conversion functions in consumer, white goods, PC, instrumentation and industrial applications. "Mitsubishi Electric is a major supplier of standard linear ICs in the Japanese consumer and office automation markets, especially in the smart power supply and battery management applications," stated Ike Saeed, senior product manager for Application-Specific Standard Products at Mitsubishi's Electronic Device Group. "Additionally, the company is a strong supplier of the other major system components in these applications, including memories, MCUs, ASICs and microwave products. By adding this extensive line of standard linear ICs, Mitsubishi can provide more complete, cost-effective system solutions for our customers in the Americas."Mitsubishi Electronics is offering a number of families of standard linear ICs, including battery management ICs such as intelligent chargers and monitoring and protection devices; switching regulators that provide high current drive (36V +/-2A) and high frequency (700kHz) switching with built-in protection; three-terminal regulators featuring Mitsubishi Electric's patented, built-in Fold-Back Protection circuit that prevents device destruction or chemical damage caused by overcurrent due to shorted loads; and dc/dc converters with wide input and output voltage ranges (0.9-36V and +/-1.25-+/-30V, respectively), as well as high efficiency.