Micropelt Introduces Thin-Film Thermoelectrics & Clean Thermal Energy Harvesting in Japan

December 14, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Micropelt GmbH announced its sales and service strategy in Japan, in cooperation with CP&C Japan Partners Ltd. of Tokyo Japan. Japan is recognized as a key strategic market for Micropelt’s thin-film thermoelectric solutions, since it takes a leading position in clean and renewable energy conserving technologies in many industries.

"We have recognized that the Japanese market is highly promising for the chip-sized thermoelectric harvesting and efficient cooler chips of Micropelt", mentioned Dr. Hidetoshi Nishi, CTO of CP&C.

Micropelt’s thermoelectric chips are fabricated in a unique, wafer based semiconductor manufacturing process, resulting in the world’s smallest thermoelectric component technology. With an output voltage of 140mV per degree, Micropelt’s thermoelectric generator chips (TEGs) offer a perfect match to all actual ultra low-power semiconductor solutions, even at low temperature gradients.

This makes Micropelt TEGs a suitable solution for battery-free applications, such as wireless sensors and smart energy operated equipment, operating from renewable energy generated by a waste heat source.

Micropelt thermoelectric cooler chips (TECs), based on the same micro-electronic technology, offer a unique roadmap to miniaturization of fiber optic, photonic and sensor components. The trend of form factor reduction of optical transceiver modules matches perfectly with the chip-size TECs of Micropelt, offering thew additional benefit of a higher energy efficiency to drive the TEC.

"To jump-start the evaluation and prototyping of thermoelectric clean power systems, Micropelt offers robust and complete evaluation systems", said Wladimir Punt, VP Sales & Marketing at Micropelt". "The TE-Power NODE represents a fully autonomous wireless sensing system, working without batteries and only needs a waste heat source to operate".