Methode Electronics Acquires Assets Of Tribotek

March 17, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Methode Electronics, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic components and subsystem devices, recently announced that it has acquired the business assets of Tribotek, Inc., a Burlington, Massachusetts-based technology company.

Tribotek designs, develops and manufactures high current power connectors and power distribution systems for products such as power supplies, servers, rectifiers, inverters, robotics and automated test equipment, in addition to various military and telecommunications applications. Tribotek’s patented technology power connectors are said to yield lower insertion force and lower voltage drop at the connection point. In addition, its power connectors are also said to reliably handle a greater number of plug and unplug occurrences. The company will be integrated into Methode’s Cableco Technologies business, enabling Methode to offer a more complete range of power distribution solutions and continue the evolution of its capabilities.

"Through the Tribotek acquisition, Methode has expanded its power connection systems and is now able to offer our customers a much broader range of power distribution products and solutions," said Chip Bronk, General Manager, Methode’s Cableco Technologies. "Tribotek’s advanced technology directly complements our existing Cableco offerings and extends our reach by providing a very robust power interconnect product line. This move will enable us to offer more customized solutions to better support our customers’ increasingly complex power distribution needs. We are excited about the possibilities the acquisition holds for our current and future customers."

"The Tribotek acquisition is yet another example of our commitment to growing the Power Distribution segment and offering more complete solutions to our valued customers," said David Ciembronowicz, Director of Sales & Marketing, Methode Electronics. "We believe the acquisition will create new opportunities for growth and help us move from being a discrete components supplier to becoming a manufacturer of total product solutions."

In addition to providing Methode with an established product in the power connector market – helping to complete the link to printed circuit boards, cables and busbars – the Tribotek acquisition will also help Methode advance its busbar product line. Moving forward, Methode will be able to design busbars that are more technically advanced and efficient; providing our customers with more highly customized, higher value solutions across a wide range of industries – from military/defense to robotics to computer/server systems.

Methode anticipates that Tribotek will be fully integrated into its Cableco business by the end of April 2008.