Metallic Power Teams with Nextel for Fuel Cell Power

March 19, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Metallic Power Inc. (Carlsbad, CA) announced that it has signed a memo of understanding with Nextel Communications Inc. to conduct extensive testing and evaluation of Metallic Power's fuel cells as a backup power source for Nextel cellular basestations. Initial applications for this technology will include providing backup power to cell sites and telecommunications equipment terminals as well as their critical HVAC systems where generators cannot be used because of noise, emissions or refueling issues; or where lead-acid batteries are impractical because of temperature extremes, weight restrictions or environmental concerns.

“We are pleased that Nextel has selected our technology for in-depth evaluation,” said Jeffrey Colborn, CEO of Metallic Power. “Because Metallic Power addresses the need for a cost-effective, low-maintenance means of providing many hours of backup time with a high tolerance for environmental extremes, manageable weight and zero emissions for indoor/outdoor operation, we will be able to offer a more flexible alternative for backup power where generators aren't practical or where replacement of lead-acid batteries is desired.”