Melexis Releases New Online Magnetic Design Simulator

July 18, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Melexis has developed a new free, online magnetic design simulator for engineers to enable the improvement of magnetic position sensor design.

Melexis NV or Microelectronic Integrated Systems is a Belgium-based company that designs and produces integrated semiconductors, sensor integrated circuits (ICs), and programmable sensor IC systems that are adapted to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Recently, the company released a new online simulation tool to help customers improve the design of magnetic position sensors to suit desired applications.

Image courtesy of Melexis

The Magnetic Simulator

Melexis’s online simulator provides engineers with a way of simulating the performance of (the company’s Triaxis range of magnetic) sensors for linear and rotary applications. The sensors can also be evaluated concerning any possible interference with magnetic fields.

Simulating multipole magnets is known to be complex and manufacturers generally provide simulators at a cost. By making its simulation tool-free for its customers, Melexis hopes to provide real-time results as soon as parameters are changed and enough simulation capabilities to get a clear picture of how a sensor would perform in a real-world setting. Customers can use the simulator to change magnet parameters including sensor and magnet misalignment, and rotation axis misalignment.

In a recent news release, Regional Marketing Manager at Melexis, Jerome Degois, commented: “Simulation software has become an incredibly powerful and useful resource for engineering teams.” Degois added: “Melexis has developed this online simulator to give customers fast, accurate results at the earliest possible stage in a project’s design. It delivers greater accuracy than other simulators, as it has been specifically developed to simulate how the Triaxis 2D/3D magnetic sensor will react when used with a wide variety of magnets.”

Customers can use the simulator to change magnet parameters, sensor and magnet misalignment, and rotation axis misalignment. The simulator uses an open-source app framework, Streamlit, which allows engineers to build interactive web applications based on their data and machine learning models. Streamlit comes with a Python library for creating and sharing custom web apps.

Triaxis Sensors

Melexis’s Triaxis sensors are based on a patented magnetic sensor technology that allows three magnetic flux components to be measured in a single IC. From the three magnetic components, it is possible to generate two-dimensional or three-dimensional (2D/3D) sensors that determine rotary (angle), linear (stroke), or joystick-type motion. It can also allow for the determination of 3D magnetometers that can output the individual magnetic (BX, BY, and BZ) components.

Triaxis sensors incorporate a patented magnetic sensor technology for the measurement of three magnetic flux components. Image courtesy of Melexis

Triaxis sensors have been designed to withstand high temperatures and can be used for a variety of applications because of the ability to adjust the on-chip magnetic angle computation.

Overall, Melexis’s new online simulation tool will provide engineers with an accessible means of creating their custom magnetic sensor modules. Melexis hopes that its simulator will allow its customers to design such sensors more rapidly and with greater accuracy to suit their application requirements.