Medis Technologies Receives General Dynamics Order

October 18, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Medis Technologies Ltd. (New York) announced that it has received a follow on order from General Dynamics C4 Systems (Taunton, MA), a business unit of General Dynamics Corp. (Falls Church, VA), for further research and analysis of Medis' fuel cell Power Packs. The order provides for milestone payments totaling $150,000. The project is focused on exploring applications for fuel-cell-powered tablet computers. Medis previously announced the delivery to General Dynamics of a refuelable Power Pack capable of producing 6.5 W at 5.0 V output with fuel cartridges that allow for rapid refueling.

"Our development work with the refuelable Power Packs expands capability because the Power Pack produces more than six times the watts as our disposable Power Pack," said Medis Technologies Chairman and CEO Robert Lifton. "The research program allows us to work on developing the greater power required by more hungry devices, and to significantly extend mission operations at the same time."