Magnetek’s Outdoor Wind Inverters Are Clear Skies Certified

May 24, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Magnetek Inc. announced that its Aurora 3.6 kW Inverters are now certified by Clear Skies – UK (Product Code: WTI 9020). After passing stringent requirements, the Aurora PVI-3600 Outdoor Wind Inverter offers compliance with UK's interconnection standards and optimum transformerless energy harvesting efficiency (over 96%). With a number of unique features built in, the inverter provides many benefits to wind turbine manufacturers, installers and ultimately, the consumer. Its switching technology includes silicon carbide diodes, CoolMOSTM and Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBTs) that result in minimized switching losses producing efficient power conversion.

The most notable feature, the Aurora Wind MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) offers programmable flexibility in optimizing harvested energy produced by the wind power system. This capability allows turbine manufacturers to optimize their specific wind power system requirements to achieve the most efficient energy conversion possible. Other inverters are typically restricted to a fixed voltage range without optimization. By customizing the wind power curve in software to fit a manufacturer's particular system requirements, Aurora inverters can enhance the energy produced from the wind power curve (50-600 volts DC) in virtually any manufacturers' wind power system on the market today.

There are two optional features available with Aurora wind inverters. There's the Wind Interface Box designed to specifically operate with the Aurora Wind Inverter. It has been matched to complete the power conversion package with diversion load control and wind speed feedback. In addition, there is an integrated RS485 communication link with optional RS232 converter and free communication software available to monitor the unit. Other certifications Magnetek's Alternative Energy is in the process of obtaining include the UL 1741 certification for the United States expected by the end of May 2006.