Live Webinar Will Show How to Design a Multi-kW Power System in 30 Minutes

March 05, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Vicor Corporation has announced the next installment in its popular Power Advantage Educational Series, featuring expert design tips and techniques aimed at optimizing power solution design. The new live webinar on March 13, 2013, presented by Paul Yeaman, Director, Applications Engineering, Vicor, will focus on a three-step technique that enables designers to architect and implement a complete, multi-kW power system in only 30 minutes.

Conventional power system designs are typically partitioned into multiple segments, each designed separately based on the unique voltage, current, and power quality requirements of the underlying load rails. With a holistic, top-down design strategy utilizing modern power components, however, designers can develop better performing power rails for every load in a system with minimal design complexity.

In this webinar, Paul Yeaman will present a three-step technique that enables power system designers to determine and classify the parameters of each output rail, architect a block diagram that matches appropriate solutions to each rail -- including the input ac-dc conversion stage -- and implement a solution for each block that meets the associated noise, regulation, hold-up, and filtering requirements.

This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, at 9:00 AM EST/14:00 GMT. A second presentation of the webinar will be held later in the day at 1:00 PM EST/18:00 GMT. To register for this webinar, visit Vicor's website.