Lighting Science Introduces New Roadway Lighting Technology

October 12, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Lighting Science Group Corp. (LSG) introduced its new line of LED roadway luminaires. The new PROLIFIC Series Roadway Luminaires are said to have substantially increased light efficacy when compared to traditional lighting technologies such as high intensity discharge (HID) and significantly better light efficacy when compared to currently available LED based street lights.

The new Lighting Science line of roadway fixtures perform between 80 to almost 90 lumens per watt depending on the model. This performance was validated by an independent testing laboratory that is approved for LM-79 Testing for ENERGY STAR® for solid state lighting by the United States Department of Energy CALiPER program. At over 80 lumens per watt, the LSG PROLIFIC series is said to deliver industry leading performance over currently available LED based street lights offering only 50 to 60 lumens per watt efficacy. With over 40 million streetlights in the U.S., the company claims that these new products have the potential to dramatically expand the market for LED roadway lighting technology and revolutionize the way roads, streets and highways are illuminated.

"Lighting Science is proud to bring to the market breakthrough technology that delivers high quality illumination, extreme long life, and unparalleled efficiency," said Zach Gibler, Chief Executive Officer of LSG. "This winning combination makes the LSG PROLIFIC Series roadway lighting not only feasible but affordable as well. With best in class performance, models approaching 90 lumens per watt, 50% energy savings, expected 12 year life, and a less than 3 year payback , we can now deliver brighter and safer street lighting that provides both energy and maintenance savings."

The PROLIFIC Series Roadway Luminaires provide replacement for existing high intensity discharge (HID) lighting installations for highways, city and residential streets, college campuses, government facilities, parking facilities and commercial projects. Four versions of the PROLIFIC luminaires, LSR1 at 50W through LSR4 at 150W, are available to replace 100 to 250W HID cobra head fixtures. Designed to deliver high quality illumination combined with energy efficient LED technology, the LSG roadway luminaires provide superior optical performance and maximized pole spacing. By using an internal thermal management system, the PROLIFIC luminaires feature a clean, streamlined housing eliminating the need for external fins. The sustainable design incorporates custom arrayed optics and uses recyclable, corrosion resistant materials. The design and technology incorporated in the PROLIFIC Series Roadway Luminaires is the subject of several pending patent applications.

"For every streetlight replaced with the new Lighting Science PROLIFIC luminaire, we are able to reduce power consumption by as much as 130W which results in over 1 barrel of oil saved and nearly 1/2 ton of CO2 reduced per year. Now is the time to switch to sustainable technologies and start saving the environment for future generations," said Gibler. "We are very excited about the opportunity to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the global energy challenge."