LG Chem To Expand Rechargeable Battery Plants

September 05, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

LG Chem announced that it plans to expand some of its rechargeable battery plants, including the one in China, to raise monthly production from the current 28.5 million cells to 35 million. The company stated that it would expand facilities at its plant producing cylinder-shaped batteries in Ochang Techno Park and its factory producing polymer batteries in Nanjing, China.

The company stated that it will be able to produce up to 15 million cylinder-shaped batteries a month, including two million made in its overseas plants, when the factories in Ochang Techno Park and North Chungcheong Province undergo expansion.

The company, which had already expanded production facilities at its Nanjing plant in the first half of the year to produce an additional one million cells per month, will add a further one-million-cell capacity to the plant in the second half. If the expansion work is completed early next year, the company will produce 6.5 million polymer batteries a month – 3.5 million made domestically and three million produced in its overseas factories.