Learn about Software-Defined Power

August 24, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell's Energy Summit (DES '15) will include the first comprehensive discussions of emerging software-defined power technologies. DES '15 will open with Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group putting software-defined power into the context of broader trends within the power electronics industry. His Keynote talk on "Devices, Dispersed Energy, and Software-Defined Power - Defining the next Decade" will briefly look at where power electronics, energy storage and smart grid are today followed by a lively presentation of expected future developments. Come to DES '15 and hear where Mr. Shepard predicts the industry will be in ten years.

Also the first morning of DES ’15, during the Plenary Session, Shankar Ramamurthy, CEO of Virtual Power Systems will talk about emerging implementations of software-defined power in his talk on “VPS' 'Software Defined Power®' Technology Provides an Important Platform for Innovations of the Next Generation of Data Centers.” And the first afternoon of DES ’15 will include a “Software-Defined Power Roundtable Session.”

During the Software-Defined Power Rountable, you will hear several papers followed by an extensive roundtable discussion of the potential and promise of software-defined power. Papers will include: “Software-Defined Power Architecture - The Verification Challenge,” by Torbjom Holmberg, System & Application Support Team Leader, Ericsson; “Live Updates for Software Defined Power Applications,” by Tom Spohrer, Product Marketing Manager, Microchip; “The Value of ‘Software Defined Management’ for Data Centers,” by Clemens Pheiffer, CEO, Tier44; and “The March toward Full Digital Systems,” Keith Curtis, Technical Staff Engineer, Microchip. These thought-provoking and insightful papers will be followed by a roundtable discussion featuring the authors.

Software-defined power will be built on the foundation of digital power technologies. On the second day of DES ’15, you will hear about the latest developments in digital power including papers on: “Digitally-Controlled Bridgeless Boost PFC Converter for Modern Power Supply Units,” by Dr. Manfred Schlenk Senior Principal Power Systems, Infineon, and Daniel Miller, Researcher, Hochschule Augsberg University of Applied Sciences;

“Next-Generation of Digital Control Power Devices for Consumer AC-DC SMPS Applications,” by Marc Fahlenkamp, Principal AC-DC Lighting, Infineon; “The Abilities of Today’s Microcontrollers Bring an Increase in Performance to Digitally Controlled Power Supplies,” by Alex Dumais, Applications Engineer, Microchip; and “An Innovative State Machine Event Driven Based Digital Controller,” by Jianwen Shao, Applications Engineer, STMicroelectronics.

Software-defined power and digital power are only two of the leading-edge technologies to be featured at DES ’15. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the latest-developments in devices, new materials, dc microgrids, energy harvesting, energy storage, and more. You will find the complete program here. Registration is open here.