Lambda Announces Opening of New Design Verification Lab

February 27, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Lambda Electronics Inc. (San Diego, CA) announced the opening of a new design verification lab (DVL) facility intended to provide enhanced testing capabilities for end customers with custom power solutions. The new facility, located in Melville, NY, will streamline the documentation and design process with a full suite of design, engineering and manufacturing services under one roof. This process produces designs that are ready for high-volume manufacturing of custom products. Additionally, Lambda can now supply production-quality Beta units almost immediately after receiving prototype approval and materials, significantly reducing the time-to-market.

Lambda reports that the DVL simulates the actual manufacturing process with a full, mirror-image production line identical to Lambda's main manufacturing facilities. This gives Lambda the capability to produce low-volume quantities of standard and custom products. In addition, the DVL maintains its own parts inventory to further speed up assembly of prototypes and Beta units.

“With the DVL facility we now have the capability to make enhancements to early prototypes in the lab instead of at the manufacturing facility. By combining design and manufacturing engineering in one location we can ensure our designs are ready for a high-volume manufacturing environment. Additionally, we can co-define specifications with our customers and test the results quickly to further reduce the design-to-launch cycle," said Sean Delehanty, Lambda's senior manufacturing engineer at the company's Melville location. “This refinement of the procedure benefits our customers by allowing for quick response to their needs."