KULR Set to Release High-Capacity Lithium Battery Packs for Commercial Drone Market

May 12, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

KULR Technology Group announces the upcoming launch of its new lightweight, carbon fiber-based lithium battery packs for drone technology.

Recently, KULR announced the upcoming launch of its new high-capacity lithium battery packs for drone technology. These packs are planned for release this June. Drone technology has been on the rise in this century and KULR intends to grow its business in the $127 billion commercial drone market


Image used courtesy of Pixabay
Image used courtesy of Pixabay


Bringing Safety to Drone Technology

Back in 2018, KULR announced that it was to join an international drone racing circuit, known as the DR1 Racing Circuit. The company joined as a technology advisor and brought in a vertically aligned carbon fiber material. The material was made to be lighter, more flexible and more efficient than other thermal management materials. It could replace fans, heat sinks, and liquid cooling solutions for aerospace applications and so, KULR put its thermal management material to work in drones. It was used to enhance drone battery performance and enable faster and safer flight. 

KULR’s latest technology builds upon its previous ventures in the drone space, providing lithium battery packs that utilize advanced chemistry and thermal management technology. The company has used the same carbon fiber material, but it has been further refined and optimized. 

In a recent news release, KULR President and COO, Keith Cochran, commented: “As I previously shared when I joined, KULR would be building the organization to prepare for entry into mass production markets. As such, we hired a very experienced VP of Operations and announced our move into a facility with four times the manufacturing floor space. These steps were taken in support of delivering the first of KULR’s EV Battery Pack platform. We targeted markets that are adjacent and complementary to KULR’s established battery safety and thermal management products. The first market in our scope is commercial drones. However, we intend to expand rapidly into other markets. We are very excited to finally be able to share this news with our investors.”


President and COO of KULR, Keith Cochran. Image used courtesy of KULR
President and COO of KULR, Keith Cochran. Image used courtesy of KULR


KULR’s new drone battery pack will feature cell and pack level battery state monitoring, battery capacity indicators, anti-spark connectors, charge control balancing, visible warning indicators, thermal runaway, and battery fire mitigation. The battery pack will also be able to provide maintenance of battery condition history, which will be accessible through CAN/SMBus communication.

KULR’s initial drone battery pack platform will come to the high-performance market at a retail price between $450 to $550 US Dollars. Soon after, drone battery pack platforms are expected to service mid to moderate performance markets.