Key Energy Harvesting IP Claimed by PulseSwitch

November 10, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

PulseSwitch Systems, LC announced that it will begin a strong push into the self-powered switch control and sensor market in 2012. The company controls a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) relating to self-powered switches, controls, sensors and systems that includes issued patents in more than 25 countries, and pending patent applications in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and China.

"Our core patents and patent applications in this field have priority dates in 2000 and 2001, which predate those of many other players in this market. Consequently, we have strong protection relating to such innovations in this field," observed Brad Face, PulseSwitch CEO. "Some of these applications are still candidates for divisional application ... covering additional embodiments of self-powered switching system ... that is part of our strategy," Brad Face continued. "We feel good about our IP position relative to how our self-powered transmitters generate their power and how the components of self-powered systems can interact."

"We believe that we can build on what is already a substantial price advantage that our products enjoy. Over the next year, we’ll be improving our designs, broadening our offerings and stepping up our sales efforts," Brad Face commented.

PulseSwitch began selling the self-powered Lightning Switch® in 2004 and has also sold its controls incorporated in lighting systems under the PulseStar® brand. "We’ve been waiting for the right time to jump in," remarked Face, "and 2012 looks like the year. We’ve sold products on a limited basis for more than seven years, testing various sales and distribution scenarios. Frankly, the results showed us that our technology was ahead of the market. Now, we’re convinced it’s time to start executing our game plan."

Face International has licensed all of its IP in the energy harvesting field to PulseSwitch. Overall, The Face Companies hold more than 50 United States patents, as well as numerous foreign patents.

Face is the only sole inventor of two technologies that have won NOVA Awards, the highest international honor for innovation in the construction industry. The Lightning Switch® won a 2006 NOVA Award. In addition, the Lightning Switch was chosen for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2007 PATH Concept Home and it won the 2008 international SPIE Product Implementation Award for its use of "smart materials."

The Face Companies (of which Face International and PulseSwitch are affiliated companies) were founded in Norfolk in 1867 and have provided products and services to the construction trades continuously since that time.