KEMET Showing 100-Year History and Latest Power Components at PCIM Europe 2019

April 26, 2019 by Scott McMahan

KEMET Corporation will present its KONNEKT, Flex Suppressor®, DC-Link film and magnetics latest technologies to address the demanding power needs of fast-moving market sectors including power supply efficiency, wide-bandgap, and vehicle electrification at this year's PCIM Europe.

The Company continues to recognize its 100th anniversary, and several features at the booth will reference KEMET's history, development, and growth.

Displays and demonstrations at the conference will feature the company's expanded range of inductive, magnetic, EMI and U2J KONNEKT products amongst others. An interactive innovation table will let visitors experience new and upcoming technologies that the company believes will shape future power designs.

KEMET designed its U2J KONNEKT surface mount capacitors for high-efficiency and high-density power applications. KONNEKT employs the company's Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) material as part of a leadless multi-chip solution. When combined with KEMET's ultrastable U2J dielectric, KONNEKT enables a low-loss, low inductance package that can handle extremely high ripple currents in the hundreds of kilohertz.

KEMET says it has played a leading role in driving passive component technology throughout its 100-year history. The company now offers one of industry's most comprehensive and most advanced ranges of tantalum, film, electrolytic, and ceramic capacitors underpinned by the company's deep understanding and expertise in materials science.

Hands-on demonstrations at PCIM Europe will show KEMET's latest products for key target markets. A further interactive timeline feature will let visitors experience the company's 100-year journey and see how much technologies have evolved in that time.