Kansas Businessman Invents Fuel Cell Vehicle

February 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Roger Billings, a Kansas businessman, announced the invention of what he claims is the world's first fuel cell car, with a box that converts hydrogen into water and electricity. Instead of a gas tank, the box combines hydrogen and air to make water and electricity for fuel. The result is an efficient car that is cheap to operate and is pollution-free. Billings happens to own the mineral rights to some of the north-central Kansas land that houses one of the largest hydrogen deposits in the country. Billings is now working with Mercedes, Ford and other automakers to put the cars on the road.

"As long as a lot of very powerful people own a lot of oil in the ground, there's some resistence to new technology," Billings stated. "I've always believed it would come true, but I knew it would take awhile."