Jazz in Volume Production with Power CMOS Processes

March 14, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Jazz Semiconductor today announced it is shipping volume production of its CP05 technology targeted at power control and power management markets. Jazz is addressing the growing power management sector with CP05 by combining a 0.5um front-end with a 0.25um back-end metallization to achieve very low on-resistance devices in a low cost, power management platform for wireless and consumer applications.

The Jazz CP05 platform is a three metal process, with a 3um thick power metal and 1 or 2fF MIM caps. It offers 5V FETS with low on-resistance of 4.1 mohm-mm2 and 10.3 mohm-mm2 for N- and P-channel devices respectively to achieve high power transistors occupying very small die sizes for use in low-dropout regulators, amplifiers, drivers and other power management functions.

In addition, by leveraging a cost-effective, mainstream CMOS back-end in 0.25um, designers can take advantage of more aggressive digital integration, digital content and more dense routing capability of the gates (more gates per unit area) than a standard .5um CMOS offering.

"The CP05 process meets the low Rdson per unit area requirement of many power applications and has already hit the market in volume production," said Marco Racanelli, vice president of technology and engineering, Jazz Semiconductor. "The CP05 offering complements our 0.5um BCD, 0.35um BCD, and 0.18/0.25um HVCMOS process offerings which together provide a complete suite of analog power technology for our customers."

Jazz initially announced its high voltage offerings with a comprehensive 0.18um process platform with up to 40V capability (supporting 1.8 and 5V CMOS simultaneously), with several analog features for high levels of subsystem integration. Subsequently, Jazz announced a low cost version of the same process, removing the 1.8V devices and some of the analog features to create streamlined versions of its high voltage offerings.

Recently, Jazz announced its acquisition of a 0.5um Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) technology that further rounded out the company's high voltage process offerings by bringing in a key technology for motor control, power management and driver capability. Coupled with its existing BCD process platform, Jazz CP05 is a volume production process that completes the power management roadmap with a 0.5um - 0.25um hybrid process specifically aimed at power control and power management for consumer and wireless applications.