IXYS Granted Chip-On-Chip Patent

November 29, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) has been granted a patent for its chip-on-chip technology that enables integration for smart power semiconductors. The new patent, US patent No. 6,107,674, covers a power semiconductor device structure in which the power semiconductor chip is used as the substrate onto which other control and driver chips are bonded to form a fully-integrated power circuit. IXYS claims that this opens up integration on the third dimension, creating three-dimension power-integrated devices.The technology developed provides for the integration of low-voltage control and driver ICs with high-voltage power semiconductors, which are rated up to 3,000V. IXYS maintains that the new technology is applicable to high-power applications from 500W and up, and can reach the 10,000W range."This new technology enables a higher packing density of components, by utilizing the top surface area of the power chip for mounting the ICs; thus saving space and reducing the cost of a power electronic circuit like a power supply or a motor driver," commented IXYS CEO Nathan Zommer. He added, "A smart power switch, which controls 6,000W of power, 12A and 500V, occupies a chip area of about a quarter-inch on a side. The unique multi-layer structure of insulator and metal covered by our patent provides the proper voltage isolation and circuit connectivity."