Xybernaut Granted Power-Management Patent

December 03, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Xybernaut Corp. (Fairfax, VA) announced that the company has been granted Patent Number 6,301,593 by the US Patent and Trademark Office related to voice-activated power management for mobile/wearable computing devices.

"Battery life is a critical component of mobile computing and related technologies," said Edward Newman, chairman, president and CEO of Xybernaut. "This patent provides the ability to turn selected components of a wearable computer on or off as required, providing the ability to extend usable battery life without making any changes to batteries or hardware. Since the issuance of this patent, our customer advisory board has confirmed that extended battery life is a key feature that can dramatically expand the markets for our products. We also believe that this patent may have applications beyond wearable computers."