IXYS and ASIC Advantage to Offer Power Supply Design Kits

November 13, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA), a supplier of high-power semiconductors and modules, and ASIC Advantage Inc. (Sunnyvale CA), a manufacturer of mixed-signal ICs for automotive, aerospace, communications, industrial and medical companies, announced that they have collaborated to bring to market new design kits for low- and medium-power supply requirements. The design kits, to be distributed by both IXYS and ASIC Advantage, feature ASIC Advantage's line of Power Smart IN-PLUG® controllers and IXYS' range of power discrete and mixed-signal products.

The design kits include a flexible, low EMI platform for isolated and non-isolated ac-dc switch-mode power supplies, featuring line and load protections, high-efficiency, and low standby power. The first targeted design kit, available in the fourth quarter of 2005, is the ASIC Advantage IPS-DK18/IXYS PN EVPS001 targeted for off-line applications below 10 W. Future design kits will focus on different features targeted at different power levels. The ASIC Advantage line of IN-PLUG® controllers features flyback, feedback, power-factor correction, push-pull, and LED controllers. The design kits feature IXYS' new PolarHV™ power MOSFETs and its line of low conduction loss Schottky diodes and ultra-fast, soft-switching HiPerFRED™ diodes. Feedback requirements will feature the LIA120 and LIA130 optically isolated error amplifiers, available from IXYS subsidiary Clare Corp.

"IXYS continues to expand its presence in the consumer and white goods markets through strategic market relationships and expansion of its product offering. IXYS, in cooperation with ASIC Advantage, brings more options for system designers in these markets to design products that maximize energy and cost efficiency," said IXYS Power Vice President of Marketing Don Humbert.

"In offering PolarHV Power MOSFETs combined with IN-PLUG flyback, feedback, power-factor correction, push-pull, and LED controllers, IXYS and ASIC Advantage offer the best alternative to single-chip solutions. It brings designers a more competitive technology and removes the limitations inherent to single-chip implementations," said ASIC Advantage Director of Marketing Eric Garcia.