IRC Develops Thick-Film Technology

June 16, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The IRC Inc. Advanced Film Division of TT electronics plc (Patterson, NJ) expanded its offering of thick-film technology, providing design engineers with a greater variety of flexible and reliable choices to accommodate nearly any design. IRC supplies the latest in thick-film resistor systems on the designer’s choice of substrate, and with more than 25 choices in system materials, and a range of advanced processes available, IRC supports application-specific and custom configurations.

A variety of materials are available for use within each of four systems based on the substrate: the organic materials system, ceramic air-fired system, ceramic nitrogen-fired system and the Anotherm™ (printed circuit direct to heatsink) aluminum system. The sheet resistance, TCRs and dielectric strength cover a wide range enabling designers to specify values to meet their design needs. Additional technical information can be found on the IRC website.