IoT Device App and Cybersecurity Development

April 05, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Metova, an app development company with customers including Microsoft, eHarmony and Dropbox, announced new embedded development services with a focus on IoT (Internet of Things) markets including ultra-low power home and industrial sensors, health care, and security. With the demand of these types of products continuing to grow, Metova has dedicated a new group of engineers specializing in these services.

With Metova's current cybersecurity offerings used by entities including US Navy, Air National Guard and the Department of Defense, combined with unmatched app and web development expertise, Metova is uniquely positioned to provide customers with world-class development combined with the hardened cybersecurity essential in today's connected world.

"We are very proud to provide our customers seeking embedded systems development the same high-quality, rapidly developed products we are known for with our mobile and web development services," said Nick Sinas, Director of Technology at Metova. "With our proven track record in development, accompanied with our cybersecurity capabilities, we are able to quickly provide innovative solutions such as enabling a connected home, managing fleet and asset operations, improving health care, or providing new solutions for the smart grid."