Invensys Secure Power Awarded $38.0 Million AT&T Contract

June 27, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Invensys Secure Power (Raleigh, NC), part of the $2.5 billion Invensys Power Systems Division, has been awarded a $38.0 million contract from AT&T Enhanced Network Services (AENS, New York) to supply 750kVA Powerware UPSs to support new sites around the US.Over the next year, 96 Powerware 9315-750kVA units will be installed to five AENS sites, protecting over 272,000 square feet of facility space. Secure Power will provide AENS with an integrated solution, including UPSs, switchgear, batteries and support services-delivering a single source for every power protection element needed to enhance the high-availability needs at these sites.Powerware Hot Sync enables two or more UPS modules to work in tandem without a bundle of wires connecting the units. This wireless design means that the units are in sync, yet they are functioning independently off each other. If one module fails, the other picks up the load immediately protecting the network from downtime. N+2 redundancy gives an added string of reliability, further eliminating single-points-of-failure."This business win and the exponential growth we are experiencing in our three-phase division clearly reflects the industry growth of ISP and collocation resources," said John F. Paul, president of Invensys Secure Power. "The contract with AT&T underpins our preeminent position as the leader in three-phase protection and our strategic intent to provide systems across the ac power train."The Powerware units were approved by consulting engineers at Highland Engineering. The first phase of installations will begin in June, 2000.