Intellect Motion Announces Cloud Services for Motion Control Applications

October 14, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Intellect Motion today announced that it will support its advanced motion control device iMotion in the Cloud. The iMotion gives users the ability to interact with games and Apps in 3D spaces utilizing any standard webcam, while providing haptic feedback within titles that implement the iMotion Software Developers Kit (SDK). The device works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android and iOS systems as well as the Oculus Rift. and the company has already raised $72,000 of its $100,000 project goal. If the project is successful, the first units are expected to reach early-bird supporters in February 2014. The iMotion Cloud will allow developers to assess users' motion control data in almost real-time to enable interactive and multi-interface applications for gaming, sports, medical and many other fields.

"We've created a platform that leverages our advanced motion controllers with haptic feedback in the cloud," said Alex Khromenkov, CEO of Intellect Motion "Developers can assess the motion control data with users' permission and build applications that have never before been possible. Imagine the dating space where users touch each other's hands, or your tennis coach helping you refine your shot. Or even doctors monitoring their patients while they do movement exercises, to improve their range of motion, all across multiple platforms using the Unity Engine."

The iMotion Cloud will not only be the first to support motion control, but will also provide a range of analytics and indexes that can be used to evaluate the efficiency of user movements and enable developers to build independent metrics and ranking systems.

"Most multiplayer games use sophisticated indexes to rank users. There is nothing like this available today for motion control games. We want to enable the creation of multiplayer MC games and allow existing games to enable motion control modes across different platforms," said Chief Marketing Officer of Intellect Motion and senior gaming industry executive Kay Gruenwoldt.

Features and specifications of iMotion include: The only motion controller that supports full 3D motion control; Can replace your mouse and keyboard with a virtual touch screen; 4-channel haptic motion feedback sensor; Functional range of 1 to 16 feet; Supports applications operating at up to 100 frames per second (with a high-end camera); Pinpoint accuracy of 0.08 inches and low latency of 10 to 20 milliseconds. Features and capabilities of iMotion Cloud include: Playback motion; Access to haptic feedback systems and remote settings; and Extensive number of indexes and metrics to analyze efficiency of movements.