Infineon, Texas Instruments, and PREMO Set to Showcase New Technology at Electronica

November 08, 2020 by Shannon Cuthrell

The biennial electronica conference is returning this year for an all-digital event held Nov. 9 through Nov. 12.

The four-day program features more than 200 international exhibitors presenting their products and services via virtual booths. There will also be several topical forums covering embedded platforms, wireless technologies, medical electronics, and the automotive industry. 

The event typically takes place in Germany, but due to increased COVID-19 cases and travel restrictions in Europe, organizer Messe München announced it would bring the program online in 2020. Tickets to the electronica 2020 virtual exhibition are free.

Exhibitors’ booths will be equipped with demo videos and presentations, contact information, and a chat feature.

Ahead of the event, EEPower is previewing the products to be presented by three prominent power electronics companies: Infineon, Texas Instruments, and PREMO. 

Here’s what each company has in store for electronica 2020:


Infineon Technologies

In its electronica 2020 booth, German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies AG will showcase products across the company’s IoT, industrial and automotive segments. 


Image courtesy of Infineon. 

In its IoT portfolio, Infineon will showcase its sensors, predictive maintenance systems for smart buildings, and smartwatch, and wristband wearables. It will also present its IoT security systems for consumers and businesses, including its cloud-based embedded security devices, network security solutions, and smart home security systems. The IoT portion of the tradeshow will also include blockchain security solutions and Si, SiC, and GaN products for server applications. 

In the automotive segment, Infineon will showcase its semiconductor products for electric vehicles, hybrid EVs, and plug-in hybrid EVs. These include its battery management, on-board charging, and thermal management solutions, as well as infotainment systems, microcontrollers, memory devices, advanced driver assistance systems, and other safety products. 

Infineon’s industrial applications will also be featured, including its Si-SiC-GaN technologies, CoolSiC MOSFETs, and solutions for the Commercial, Construction, and Agricultural vehicle (CAV) market.

There will also be a “Maker’s Corner” with tools, kits, services, shields and boards for attendees interested in building projects from scratch.


Texas Instruments

At its virtual electronica 2020 booth, semiconductor design and manufacturing giant Texas Instruments will present products from its robotics, industrial communications, and test and measurement segments. 


Image courtesy of Texas Instruments. 


Additionally, Texas Instruments will present its automotive portfolio, which includes power management devices, amplifiers, transceivers, motor drivers, smart power switches, advanced driver assistance systems and automotive lighting products. 

Texas Instruments representatives will also deliver presentations at the electronica Medical Electronics Conference on Nov. 9 and the electronica Embedded Platforms Conference on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12. Sessions will cover topics pertinent to electronics engineers, such as design considerations for dual-port USB-C power delivery AC adapters, choosing the right connectivity protocol and frequency band for connected building applications, an overview of MIOTY and Sidewalk protocols, and adding/optimizing wireless connectivity in embedded applications. 



Spain-based electronic components manufacturer PREMO will present its magnetics solutions for e-mobility and IoT applications. 

Image courtesy of PREMO.


More specifically, PREMO will showcase its 3DPower power conversion device, which combines conventional HEV on-board chargers and DC/DC converters to achieve maximum power density through reduced size and increased power dissipation. 

The company will also present demos of its low profile RFID antennas for key fobs, ultra low profile antennas for smartphone-vehicle connections, wireless power transfer antennas for wireless charging, low profile RFID antennas for smartwatches, and EM motion tracking sensors for AR, VR and MR systems.

Attendees can schedule online meetings and live chat with PREMO experts during the event.