Industrial Convergence, Wearable Healthcare and Automotive Solutions at electronica 2018

November 05, 2018 by Paul Shepard

At electronica 2018, Maxim Integrated Products will be showcasing how imagination becomes creation. Discover revolutionary ways to satisfy shifting market demand and improve lives with smaller, more powerful, more reliable, and more intelligent solutions. Learn about adaptive manufacturing and industrial IoT solutions and low-power, miniaturized healthcare innovations.

Maxim will also be presenting their ASIL solutions that are driving the future of the automotive industry, as well as introducing the latest high-performance building blocks that empower your relentless approach to evolving products. Through demos and discussion, you’ll experience how Maxim Integrated can help you fully realize your innovations.

Industrial convergence requires smarter systems. Explore the latest in adaptive manufacturing and industrial IoT solutions. Be inspired to improve their productivity using information that leads to integration, automation, and faster time to market. By delivering “intelligence at the edge,” Maxim partners with designers to evolve Industry 4.0—and beyond.

During electronica 2018, come by to see these product demonstrations—and get a closer look at how innovations are changing the manufacturing industry:

  • Integrated soccer ball factory demonstrating Industry 4.0 principles
  • Digital IO
  • IO-Link
  • Robust communications
  • Digital isolation
  • Isolated power and protection
  • Thermal demonstration of synchronous 60V dc-dc converters
  • uSLIC™ power modules

Wearable healthcare is transforming, again. More than something fun to wear, new monitoring devices are enabling healthcare professionals to use them as virtual care devices enabling more real-time exchange of accurate health data, assessment of chronic conditions, and evaluation of overall well-being.

For the first time, designers can achieve continuous monitoring of ECG, heart rate, and temperature in highly accurate, wearable solutions using Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0). Unlike other wearables, the data measurements collected by the HSP 2.0 can be owned by the wearer, alleviating data privacy concerns and allowing users to conduct their own data analysis. And the fully working hardware and firmware with companion watch casing cuts design and validation time by up to six months.

Become familiar with Maxim’s ever-evolving Health Sensor Platform that delivers flexibility and speed in the creation of unique and highly accurate wellness applications.

During electronica 2018, Maxim will be sharing the following product demonstrations to give you a closer look at how our innovations are changing the healthcare industry:

  • Interactive motion-sensory experience with personalized wearable healthcare
  • In-ear heart-rate monitor
  • Health Sensor Platform 2.0
  • ECG monitor and health band
  • Power management IC for wearables
  • Vital sign monitoring with blood pressure

Cameras, sensors, microprocessors, and other components for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming more prevalent, making the ability to manage power even more critical. Add to this, the need to ensure that safety functions consistently operate properly.

Maxim’s automotive-qualified voltage regulators, power management ICs (PMICs) and power protectors address these ADAS power requirements while achieving CISPR 25 Class 5 EMI standard compliance—with high efficiency and a smaller footprint. Smaller solutions can enable a high level of integration and mitigate the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Experience Maxim’s newest power and battery management products, high-speed signaling components, sensors, and wireless communications devices.

LED lighting designers face increasing power, thermal, and design complexities. Which is why Maxim has introduced its newest LED matrix manager. The MAX20092 12-switch matrix manager allows designers to migrate to higher current devices while reducing solution size and improving flexibility. It offers the industry’s lowest on-resistance internal switches and reduces thermal issues, complexity, and design costs associated with LED matrix lighting applications.

With the MAX20092, you can simplify LED programmability, reduce taxation on system bus lines, enable LED current of up to 1.5A, and reduce EMI and noise.

Experience new power and battery management products, high-speed signaling components, sensors, and wireless communications devices. During electronica 2018, see these demonstrations for a closer look at how innovations are changing the automotive industry:

  • Automotive-grade USB
  • Power management for eCall applications
  • Security and authentication of automotive sensors

Finally, Maxim’s high-performance analog ICs empower you to be relentless in innovation for every application. From ultra-low power consumption to precise data conversion and rugged connectivity, you can engineer what’s next.

During electronica 2018, Maxim will showcase the following product demonstrations, giving you a closer look at how our innovations are changing design engineering:

  • nanoPower watch
  • Force-touch technology with MAX11261
  • CAN ESD protection with MAX13054A
  • Continua™ Family of backup regulators
  • ISM RF transmitter-based home automation system
  • Automotive mock control unit