Indium Corporation and Solder Chemistry Join to Expand Reach in the Electronics Market

May 08, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Indium Corporation announces Solder Chemistry joins its organization to align mutual ambitions to support customers and accelerate business growth.

Indium Corporation is a company that refines, smelts, produces, and supplies indium and indium compounds. In addition to providing inorganic compounds, the company supplies products including solar assembly materials, solders, solder paste and powders, thermal interface materials, NanoFoil, flux, epoxies, reclaim and recycle, and thin-film materials. Recently, Indium Corp announced that leading German solder product technologist, Solder Chemistry, joined its organization. 


A metal TIM developed by Indium Corp that can be placed onto a chip, lid, or, against a heat source and a cooling solution contact plate. Image used courtesy of Indium Corp 

Indium Corporation and Solder Chemistry

Indium Corp was founded in 1934 and was the first company to come up with a practical use for the recently discovered metal, indium. The company discovered that it could be used for bearing lubricants in aircraft and in solders and fusible alloys. Solders are used for mechanical joining, semiconductor device assembly, electronics manufacturing, and more. Knowledge of alloy development and use can be important for applications such as thin-film technology, thermal management, and fusible devices. 

Indium Corp’s expertise in indium compounds can be applied to the selection of key components of dry cell batteries, and these compounds are used to maximize the performance of fibre optic devices, as well as precursors in the LED MOCVD (light emitting diode metal organic chemical vapor deposition) process. Indium Corp’s high-conductivity, indium-based thermal management interface materials (TIMs) serve to dissipate heat build-up in electronic devices such as in the microprocessor of a circuit board. 

Indium has many uses, one of which, is that it can be used to dissipate heat from a microprocessor. Image used courtesy of Indium Corp 
Indium has many uses, one of which, is that it can be used to dissipate heat from a microprocessor. Image used courtesy of Indium Corp 


Solder Chemistry was founded in 1994 and the company has grown in its expertise in developing, and testing in-house soldering technologies. Solder Chemistry aims to deliver highly qualified products that meet exacting industry standards and ensure that all of its products are certified by leading electronics companies. The company develops halogen-free solder pastes that can be used in SMT (surface-mount technology) development and plastic chemistry. Solder Chemistry also provides other products including fluxes, solders, SMT adhesives, and cleaners.


Supporting the Electronics Industry

The joining of Indium Corp and Solder Chemistry will provide the former company with a greater reach in the European electronics market and allows Solder Chemistry to gain a wider platform for offering its products and technology. Each company will be working together with a common goal. 

In a news release from last month, Managing Director of Indium Corporation’s European Operations, Brian Craig, commented: “Solder Chemistry and Indium Corporation operate with the same customer goals and benefits in mind.” Craig added: “Both companies share a commitment to keeping our factories running efficiently through the supply of advanced materials, superior technical support, and excellent customer service.” 

In the same news release, Managing Director of Solder Chemistry, Robert Sudnik, said: “I am eager to work directly alongside Indium Corporation in bringing this new relationship to life and taking advantage of the resources this brings to our customers and the broader electronics industry.”