IEEE seeks Papers on Energy Efficiency and SDPAs for 5G Wireless

April 07, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

The IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (J-SAC) will be publishing a special Issue on "Energy-Efficient Techniques for 5G Wireless Communication Systems" in early 2016. Each issue of J-SAC is devoted to a specific technical topic and thus provides to J-SAC readers a collection of up-to-date papers on that topic. One of the most urgent and critical challenges in the design of 5G wireless communication systems is that of mitigating their energy consumption in light of a greatly increased data rate. Indeed while it has now been some years that the topic of energy-efficient design of communication networks has gained a prominent role, due to both economic reasons and environmental concerns on sustainable growth, it is expected that in the 5G era, with millions more base stations and billions of connected devices, the topic of "software-defined power architectures" (SDPAs) will be even more compelling.

Given the required 1000x increase in offered data rates and throughput with respect to current state-of-the art technology, the network energy efficiency must be improved by at least the same factor, in order to keep the energy consumption at today’s level. This special issue will address research advances that are instrumental in a 1000x capacity improvement with respect to currently deployed wireless networks, while achieving at the same time increased energy efficiency levels.

Original research papers on the energy-efficient (green) design of future 5G wireless communication systems, including but not limited to the following topics related to SDPAs: Green multiple access/modulation schemes beyond OFDMA; Energy-efficient design and assessment of mmWave communications; Energy-aware design for small cells and HetNets (including WiFi integration); Energy efficiency aspects of Cloud RAN and other highly novel cooperative techniques; Energy saving potential of local caching; Green massive MIMO techniques; and Green backhauling and network deployment architectures.

Guest editors for this special issue of J-SAC include: Professor Stefano Buzzi (lead), University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale, Italy; Dr. Chih-Lin I, China Mobile Research Institute; Dr. Thierry E. Klein, Bell Labs Alcatel Lucent; Professor H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University; Professor Chenyang Yang, Beihang University, China; and Dr. Alessio Zappone, TU Dresden.