IdaTech Unveils Natural Gas Fuel Cell System

November 05, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

IdaTech Corp. (Bend, OR) unveiled its 5kW natural gas and liquefied propane gas (LPG) fuel cell system to the US market at the 2003 Fuel Cell Seminar. The dual-fuel, combined heat and power system is part of a portfolio of multi-fuel solutions that IdaTech will showcase during the event.

IdaTech will also showcase its 5kW fully integrated, natural gas/LPG, proton-exchange membrane (PEM), fuel cell system; its FCS 1200™ operating on methanol/water fuel; and its fully integrated, 1.2kW, liquid hydrocarbon, fuel cell system operating

on diesel.

IdaTech's fuel cell solutions are based on a flexible modular design, supporting interchangeable components, which enables IdaTech to accelerate product development incorporating proven components and subsystems into customized configurations. Additionally, IdaTech's fuel cell solutions incorporate its patented fuel processing technology and operate on a variety of fuels.