ICE Teams with Power Integrations to Reap Benefits of PI Expert Suite PSU Design Software

March 11, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

ICE Components, Inc. has teamed up with Power Integrations, Inc. to offer the Rapid Transformer Sample Service (RTSS). This innovative service enables customers to trim days off the power supply prototyping schedule by taking advantage of the quick turnaround on transformer samples. Typical lead-time on RTSS samples is two weeks and samples are provided free of charge. Lead-time can be reduced to one week in special cases.

In developing this service, ICE Components has worked closely with Power Integrations to minimize the number of design iterations and better determine the right transformer for specified applications. To simplify the process even further, customers requesting samples from RTSS can submit a Power Integrations design tool spreadsheet from the company’s PI Expert Suite™ PSU design software, saving the time needed to create detailed documentation.

ICE Components’ engineers provide unparalleled support in the early design stage and throughout the acquisition process. ICE will recommend a low-cost, widely-available material to reduce costs and assure availability once production begins. “Too often a customer will put themselves in a corner due to time constraints during design. When choosing materials for a custom transformer it’s difficult for customers to know market availability in Asia. They could be facing long lead times for cores or bobbins that could significantly impact overall product lead times,” says

Robin Benas engineering manager at ICE Components. “We strive to consider cost and production lead times when making design decisions.” Samples are delivered with a data sheet that includes a mechanical drawing, test specifications and UL BOM (if required).

“PSU designers need a fast turn-around transformer service to enable them to develop prototypes quickly and reduce time-to-market,” says Peter Vaughan, director of applications engineering at Power Integrations. “One of the benefits of our PI Expert Suite™ PSU design tool is that it helps reduce transformer design time, so programs like the RTSS from trusted, reliable partners, such as ICE, perfectly complement the efforts of the design engineer working with our software.”