Hynix Develops High-Voltage Process Technology

September 04, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. (Ichon, Korea) has completed the development of its 0.18µm high-voltage process technology, which was developed to address the increased requirement for a "one-chip" total solution on LCD driver ICs (LDIs), which includes gate, source, controller, dc/dc converter and SRAM. The "one-chip" solution offers a reduced chip size and weight, resulting in a significant reduction in manufacturing cost.

The process technology results in chip sizes that are 20% to 30% smaller than the current pure foundry service providers. Volume production through Hynix will commence in September 2003. Hynix has scheduled the release of ultra-low-power (ULP) process technologies for mobile applications by December 2003, as well as various voltage ranges by February 2004 to strengthen its distinct competitive advantage in high-voltage processes.