Hydrogain to Establish Hydrogen Awareness Campaign

September 22, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Hydrogain Technologies Inc. (Pompano Beach. FL), a developer of hydrogen generation and storage technologies for generators, reactors, power plants, fuel cells and hydrogen vehicle refueling systems, announced that it is establishing a "National Hydrogen Awareness Campaign" geared toward educating America's youth on the importance of transitioning to alternative and renewable energy sources such as hydrogen.

Hydrogain's National Hydrogen Awareness Campaign will initially be deployed through a variety of media, direct mail and advertising channels and eventually through collaborations with elementary schools and educators. It is scheduled to launch January 1, 2005.

Hydrogain Vice President of Corporate Development Carl Anderson stated, "As alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen, wind power, hydropower, and solar energy catch on, the time is ripe to begin an educational effort to help the country's young people understand the importance of making the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources. Ironically, scientists continue to debate about the exact timeframe in which the world will deplete its fossil fuel sources. Yet the fact is it's inevitable, and we must be prepared.”