Hybrid Technologies Begins Production of Lithium Smart Car

September 06, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Hybrid Technologies Inc. (Berkeley, CA), a developer of lithium-powered products, announced that the Mercedes-DaimlerChrysler AG Smart ForTwo coupe has been approved by the board of Hybrid Technologies and its development team for production. The design characteristics and technology of the six-speed vehicle is a match with Hybrid Technologies' lithium system. Initial production models for the European market will focus on government and fleet retrofitting. The British government is already working with Hybrid Technologies to introduce Hybrid Technologies' lithium Mini Cooper into diplomatic service, serving as a model for integration into top European government organizations.

Hybrid Technologies has acquired an advanced drive and propulsion system developed over the last two years in an advanced propulsion systems laboratory specifically for the Smart Car. The Smart Car will also feature the latest lithium batteries supplied by EaglePicher Kokam (Korea), a developer of lithium-ion and polymer technology. Initial orders for lithium Smart Cars will be manufactured by Cinema Vehicles, who have already joined forces with Hybrid Technologies on the R Car (Crossfire), Mini Cooper, and PT Cruiser.

Hybrid Technologies President Holly Roseberry stated, "The new Smart Car model is a breakthrough for our sales and marketing department as we have seen incredible interest in this vehicle so far from our clients. The addition of a new battery system will provide the new model with the best in advanced technology. We are poised as well to enter the coveted US market with this model, thus we have a large advantage over our competition in the Americas."