Huawei Smart Energy Products include Inverters and Smart Grid Solutions

October 13, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. will be showcasing its advanced energy ICT solutions and products under the theme of "Promoting Smart and Efficient Energy with Innovative ICT Solutions" at the 22nd World Energy Congress (WEC) in Daegu, Korea from October 13 to 17, 2013. At the five-day event, Huawei energy solution and product experts will join in-depth discussions with industry peers and partners to share their views on ways to help enterprises in the energy sector to enhance operational efficiency and safety with cutting-edge technologies, such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), Internet of Things (IoT), efficient and reliable transmission backbone network, and workforce mobility.

Huawei will be showcasing an array of ICT products and solutions at WEC, including the smart grid, digital oilfield, and digital oil and gas pipeline solutions. Leveraging the latest LTE, IoT, data center and storage technologies, Huawei develops a series of smart grid solutions, including the intelligent power transmission and transformation communications solution, power distribution automation communications solution and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, to help electricity companies establish a highly reliable and stable smart grid. Huawei's smart grid solutions integrate fixed and wireless networks to address different enterprise needs in the electricity industry, offering mesh networking capacity, reliability of up to 99.999% and low end-to-end delay of less than 100 ms.

Huawei's smart grid solutions are currently widely deployed by customers in the electricity industry around the world, making electricity production, transmission, and consumption more cost effective and efficient. For instance, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (known as KEPCO) deployed Huawei's power transmission and transformation communications solution based on an automatically switched optical network that supports link switchover within 50 ms, ensuring highly reliable smart grid transmission. KEPCO has been recording zero system failure since its deployment of the Huawei solution.

Safety has always been a pressing issue in the oil and gas industry and traditional oil production and transmission systems cannot offer all-around real-time monitoring and management, which fails to detect and respond to emergencies in a timely manner. To address such challenges, Huawei launched a number of digital oilfield and pipeline solutions, which are designed to help oil companies effectively streamline and manage complex oil production and transmission. With diverse reliable networks, multimedia digital trunking and intelligent video surveillance systems, the solutions provide real-time, high-speed, and reliable information transmission to ensure the safety of oil and gas production and transmission.

Huawei's oil and gas solutions have been successfully deployed by oil and gas enterprises, ensuring operational safety through real-time monitoring. "With remote control and communications systems for pipelines and stations in place, our pipelines in Kazakhstan can be monitored remotely and data can be transmitted back to Beijing, which is about 5,000 kilometers away," said Chang Dahai, Deputy General Manager for Asia Gas Pipeline (AGP), who is responsible for the Sino-Kazakh Natural Gas Pipeline project.

In addition, Huawei also showcases a series of products and solutions that are widely adopted in the energy industry, including enterprise Long Term Evolution (eLTE) wireless broadband trunking solution, industrial switch router AR530, multi-functional telepresence solution TP100, three-phase inverter SUN2000, enterprise server E9000, and S2600T storage system.